Come pulire il divano in tessuto?

How to clean the fabric sofa?

Pizza and game, hot chocolate while watching Netflix, the desire to relax as soon as you get home from work with a glass of wine. The sofa is to all intents and purposes, one of man's greatest inventions, a place to find peace after long days.

But how many microbes does it hide and how can we clean it without damaging it?

Fabric sofas can have removable or non-removable covers. In the first case, keeping it clean is much easier, just take it off and put the fabric in the washing machine, paying attention to the labels that explain how to wash it without damaging it.

For non-removable fabric sofas, in most cases water and baking soda can save your life or at least the sofa. If that doesn't work, try mixing dish soap, vinegar, baking soda, and water, wipe it all over the stain, and let it dry.

Other allies in the hunt for microbes and sofa stains are Marseille soap with water and steam.

Always pay close attention to the labels that show you the right way to clean your sofa.

In any case, the wisest choice you can make is to choose an Alfa Sofà sofa!