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Products purchased on Alfa Sofa are sold directly by the company Alfa Sofa Srl , duly registered in the register of companies of Naples with VAT number 08940471215 . The registered office of Alfa Sofa Srl And Via Onorevole Francesco Napolitano 185 Nola (NA) Cap 80035 .

The prices indicated in the Estimate are in Euros and are normally inclusive of VAT; the same Total shown in the Estimate is summarized in the order form that the Customer must confirm for the conclusion of the contract. Product set images are for illustrative purposes only.

If you buy with Scalapay, you receive your order immediately and pay in 3 installments. You acknowledge that the installments will be transferred to Incremento SPV Srl, related parties and their assignees, and that you authorize this transfer.

The presence of beauty cushions or other decorative objects visible on the pages, except if expressly indicated in the product description, are for illustrative purposes only and therefore not included in the product.

It is not the purpose of this page to represent all company procedures for customer service: in this regard, we recommend reading the other pages such as: About Us , Payments , Shipping .

For information please contact the Customer Service , Tel. + 39 333 7870350 , email assistance@alfasofa.it .


1. To conclude the purchase contract on www.alfasofa.it it is necessary to fill in the electronic order form of alfasofa.

2. The contract is concluded when Alfa Sofa receives the correctly completed Order Form and the related payment. With an Order forwarded by telephone by an operator in the name and on behalf of the Customer, the contract is considered concluded upon receipt of the relative payment; the Customer is required to carefully check all the information contained in the Order Confirmation.

3. In the very rare circumstance in which a product chosen by the buyer is no longer available at the time the order form is sent, it will be the responsibility of Alfa Sofa proceed with the repayment of the amount already advanced.

4. By submitting the order form electronically, the purchaser undertakes to comply with all Terms and Conditions of Sale featured on this page.

5. The online sales contract between the Customer and the Supplier is understood to be concluded in Italy and governed by Italian law.

6. If the user does not agree with some of the terms contained in the Terms and Conditions of Sale please do not forward the order and contact the staff of Alfa Sofa for any clarification. Tel. + 39 333 7870350 , email assistance@alfasofa.it .


Any changes to orders placed are guaranteed until the items purchased are put into production; the production takes place immediately after payment. Subsequent requests for order changes relating to the products or the shipping method are to be understood exclusively as exceptions and therefore must be authorized on the basis of the progress of the order.

The billing data entered during the order can be modified only until the invoice itself is issued; it is possible to change the shipping address only for orders paid through Bank transfer for which no more than 15 days have passed since the order was placed (in such cases it is not sufficient to modify the data within your account but you must send an email to Customer care indicating the new shipping address). The email to send the new address to is as follows assistance@alfasofa.it .

The currency used for the refund will always be the euro, even in the case of transactions in different currencies; the sum received from will be credited back Alfa Sof a srl net of bank charges.

For information please contact the Customer Service , Tel. + 39 333 7870350 , email assistance@alfasofa.it .


To start the shipping process Alfa Sofa requires the availability to receive the supply: if the given availability is not respected, any storage and/or redelivery costs will be charged to the Customer. The Customer is required to authorize the shipment within 30 days of receiving notification of the availability of products in the warehouse.

The delivery of the supply is started only when the order has been paid and is carried out by couriers specialized in the shipment of furniture and furnishings with telephone notice; the service of standard delivery is to be intended with delivery to street level (on the ground floor, at the point closest to the entrance of your home that can be reached by the vehicle used for delivery) and the Customer must collaborate with the driver to unload the packages from the side of the truck, sometimes making other people available depending on the size and weight of the purchased item.

Alfa Sofa reserves the right to open some packages to carry out random checks, possibly photographing the products and is legally responsible for the goods until delivery.


Further information on the page Shipping .

For information please contact the Customer Service , Tel. + 39 333 7870350 , email assistance@alfasofa.it .


The module Delivery Services Box contained in the Estimate page indicates the shipping cost; For standard delivery means delivery at street level. Delivery to the floor has an additional cost, and it is the customer's responsibility to check the dimensions of the packages to be received.

Further information on the page Shipping .

For information please contact the Customer Service , Tel. + 39 333 7870350 , email assistance@alfasofa.it .


The delivery times declared must be interpreted as forecasts based on the statistics of previous orders for the same type of product: in most cases the times vary between 7 / 8 days. Cases of extraordinary delays Alfa Sofa undertakes to deliver the goods within 15 days from the deadline agreed with the Customer: after this deadline, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without any penalty and Alfa Sofa will re-credit the amount previously paid by the Customer (for orders including several products that are not complementary to each other or belonging to different collections, the Customer can withdraw from the purchase only of products that are delayed).

The Alfa Sofa Customer Service regularly updates the Customer on the progress of the order: if before the expiry of the 15 days of the first supplementary term, the adequately informed Customer consciously decides to wait for the delivery of the products, he will not be able to withdraw from the contract within an additional term of another 15 days.

Alfa Sofa works constantly in order to respect the punctuality of the times indicated, even trying to anticipate them; please check the product data sheets and the page Shipments for information on average delivery times and possibly to contact Customer Service before purchasing if the Delivery Times are decisive for the purposes of the purchase decision.

Finally, we specify that the productions and deliveries scheduled in the periods preceding the Christmas holidays or the summer holidays could be subject to substantial delays connected to the contingency of the period (even a minimal unexpected delay before a closing period such as the Christmas holidays or the closure of August may cause the postponement of delivery to the reopening of January and September).

For information please contact the Customer Service , Tel. + 39 333 7870350 , email assistance@alfasofa.it .


Alfa Sofa works daily to keep its online catalog up-to-date, however it is possible that the collections we offer or a specific option is no longer available. In the case of supplies made up of several products, the eventual non-availability of one or more items is a prerequisite for reimbursement of the amount paid for the amount relating to the unavailable item; obviously the possible complementarity between the individual articles is considered on a case-by-case basis.

For information please contact the Customer Service , Tel. + 39 333 7870350 , email assistance@alfasofa.it .


The staff of Alfa Sofa works constantly to update the information presented. At the same time, the enormous amount of contents developed makes possible the existence of possible inaccuracies. It is our daily responsibility to work for an ever greater precision and degree of detail, but it is also the Customer's responsibility to make sure of the truthfulness of the details that should be considered essential for the purposes of their satisfaction and necessary to proceed with the purchase: as non-exhaustive examples the case purchase of goods to complete products or collections already in possession (where the Customer is required to verify the combination and chromatic compatibility), goods with measures just smaller than the available space (where the Customer is required to contact us for a dimensional check of the product and possibly advice on the criteria for taking measurements in the environment), or even the rare case of any Product Data Sheets which may contain conflicting information in different points of the data sheet itself (the Customer is required to read the entire Product Data Sheet); in the case of Product Sheets that offer a "digital sample" (i.e. images of the finishes and colors samples) the Customer is required to observe the Samples carefully to evaluate how a certain "definition" in the Product Sheet with regard to the materials translates into terms aesthetics in the Digital Samples and therefore in reality. We remind you that the color and texture of natural materials (wood, leather, stone, ... ) depend on the natural variability of processes and factors that lead to the formation of the material itself.

During the verification process of the production order confirmations, in the days following the forwarding of the order on the portal, the staff of Alfa Sofa check the correctness of the product prices. If, due to rare mistakes or inconveniences, the indicated price should be lower than the correct sale price, Alfa Sofa reserves the right to bear the difference or contact the Customer to check whether he still wishes to purchase the product at the correct price (otherwise the Order will not be accepted and any sums paid will obviously be returned). If the indicated price is higher than the correct one, Alfa Sofa shall report it to the Customer, re-crediting sums already paid.

For information please contact the Customer Service , Tel. + 39 333 7870350 , email assistance@alfasofa.it .


The consumer has the right to withdraw from any distance contract, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within 14 days from the day of delivery to the address specified in the order, exclusively with the original packaging and the relative delivery costs . The consumer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal "for non-prefabricated goods produced on the basis of an individual choice or decision of the consumer" (Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament) and for "made-to-measure or clearly personalized goods" (art. 59 Legislative Decree 21/2014): due to the high customization that characterizes our collections, and to the production processes mainly on order from our suppliers, the right of withdrawal is not applicable to the vast majority of products in our catalog, for more information in this regard, contact Customer Service before purchasing or in any case before putting into production.

For information please contact the Customer Service , Tel. + 39 333 7870350 , email assistance@alfasofa.it .


This point illustrates the methods of assistance to the Customer in the days immediately following the Delivery: the procedures described here are not intended in any way to limit the Warranty Rights recognized to the Consumer by the Consumer Code (and explained in point 11), but only to create a common basis to offer each Customer the best possible assistance. In the event of any disputes, the Consumer can take advantage of the EU Odr Consumers platform. In the interest of the Customer, should any type of problem arise in relation to the products supplied, Customer Service works constantly for the correct attribution of responsibility to the various players in the supply chain which leads from the production of the goods in the factory to the effective use of the goods by of the consumer; these "actors" are the producer of the good, Alfa Sofa Srl in the capacity of seller, the carrier appointed by Alfa Sofa (and of which Alfa Sofa Srl is responsible, if necessary, claiming against the insurance for transport damage), and the Customer himself who receives the supply, carries out the handling on the floor.

At the time of unloading the supply at the delivery address, during assembly, and in the moments immediately following the conclusion of the assembly itself, the Customer is required to follow the Procedure for Receiving and Checking Products at every stage: in this way the Customer can receive the best possible assistance from our Customer Service and be completely protected, both from any production defects or from transport damage (both " infrequent " but certainly " not impossible " cases).

If a Customer does not follow the points indicated in the Procedure, it may be impossible to assign a specific responsibility to the "actors" referred to above in relation to the problem encountered. In some cases, it may therefore be necessary to involve the Customer in any replacement costs; in these cases Alfa Sofa however, it works for the satisfaction of the customer, however reserving a specific evaluation from case to case. In practice, this procedure serves to confirm to Customer Service Alfa Sofa that any problems encountered were not caused by the Customer himself (or by persons delegated by him): each procedure expressed herein serves precisely to effectively protect our customers.

Any replacement of defective parts or parts damaged during transport requires times just shorter or even equal to those of production as these are almost always made-to-order products and follow the same delivery methods indicated in the order. The replacement procedure is initiated upon receipt of the photographic documentation produced by the Customer, which must be received within 8 days of the delivery date.

Alfa Sofa however, it operates with the utmost speed in order to reduce waiting times. In cases of replacement of a product Alfa Sofa informs the Customer of any return of the parts to be replaced: in the event of failure to request a return, it is the Customer's responsibility to dispose of the parts in question; in case of organization of the return it is the Customer's responsibility to pack the parts adequately in their original packaging to avoid damage (in this case Alfa Sofa will provide via email labels to be printed and affixed to each individual package to be returned).

For information please contact the Customer Service , Tel. + 39 333 7870350 , email assistance@alfasofa.it .


The products are accompanied by a regular sales invoice valid for the 24-month guarantee on lack of conformity, provided by Alfa Sofa Srl according to Consumer Code ; for purchases invoiced to people with a VAT number and companies, the guarantee is 12 months. The products must be used correctly in compliance with their intended use and maintenance. To clean all Alfa Sofa products, only neutral ph products must be used, therefore non-aggressive, in order to avoid damaging and dulling the products themselves. The packages must always contain a product data sheet with information in this regard, but in the absence of this data sheet, it is the Customer's responsibility to contact our Customer Service.

Alfa Sofa Srl works to intervene as quickly as possible: at the same time we refer to the production and management times of our suppliers. In cases of replacement or repair of a product, it is the Customer's responsibility to adequately pack the returned parts to avoid damage and to bear the shipping costs for the return of the product; the repair costs (materials and labour) and the costs of returning to the Customer are charged to Alfa Sofa Srl .

Some advertising initiatives on the market offer unrealistic warranty times which generate higher expectations in the consumer than the potential of certain products: however, we believe the traditional concept of warranty is much more valid, which is expressed in real consumer protection, on collections designed and produced for enjoy a significantly longer average life than the terms of the guarantee itself.

For information please contact the Customer Service , Tel. + 39 333 7870350 , email assistance@alfasofa.it .


Alfa Sofa Srl offers its customers a further year of warranty which covers structural defects of its products. Therefore, all the elements of the sofa subject to normal wear and tear due to time, use and misuse of the product itself are exempt from this additional guarantee.


It is an information notice for the processing of personal data which is provided pursuant to art. 13 Legislative Decree 196/03 (hereinafter the Privacy Code) for users of our site. The information is not valid for other websites that may be consulted through our links Alfa Sofa Srl is in no way responsible. The Data Controller of personal data, relating to identified or identifiable persons processed following consultation of our site, is Alfa Sofa Srl site in Nola. The treatments connected to the web services of this site take place at Alfa Sofa Srl and the contents are curated by employees of Alfa Sofa Srl .

No data deriving from the web service is communicated or disclosed to third parties. The personal data provided by users who request services are used for the sole purpose of performing the service or provision requested and are not communicated to third parties unless the communication is imposed by legal obligations or is strictly necessary for the fulfillment of the requests.

For information please contact the Customer Service , Tel. + 39 333 7870350 , email assistance@alfasofa.it .


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