Who we are

ALFA SOFA, the sofa industry directly to your home.

Technologies and materials to promote quality rest.

Our sofas accompany you in moments of relaxation , guaranteeing you the best comfort and a trendy design that fits perfectly with your decor needs.

THE models , i fabrics, i colors and the experience acquired over the years represent the uniqueness of our work.

We produce sofas and beds following one modern style and listening to i advice of our customers. The result is a product that guarantees full satisfaction in terms of comfort and aesthetics.


Our associated production is located in various European countries where, for years, we have been producing components for furniture and upholstery.

Our success is dictated by the continuous research of technologies And materials by workmanship, by the skill of ours assemblers and the scrupulous pre-sale check of the quality of the products.

The goal of ALFA SOFA is to demonstrate that with the use of innovative technologies it can be competitive while remaining tied to high quality principles .

Our technical office, made up of a team of professionals among engineers and architects Italians , is constantly engaged in the study of trends and design quality. Particular attention is paid to research of working materials with supply in the best markets.

The production is performed by qualified personnel , carefully selected on the basis of criteria of reliability And competence . Expert upholsterers, seamstresses, cutters and assemblers for a total related business of approx 1200 units , operating with coordination and efficiency.

This is our reality:
A changing industry. An industry that approaches the final consumer.
An industry that offers quality, Italian design, contemporaneity, comfort, reliability and durability. An industry that distributes at affordable costs.